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Artist in Residence Atelier Wilhelmina Gasthuis

A PANDEMIC RESIDENCY, by Matthew C. Wilson

Factitious Flora was developed within the framework of Forecast – Skills e.V. When I arrived at airWG I was struck by one thing in particular: the height of the ceilings. Research suggests ceiling height can affect how someone thinks — leading to more abstract and creative thinking. High ceilings also prevent one from…

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IN-BETWEEN INDIGO, Kentaro Yokouchi

To understand the process of cultural transformation that took place in each “in-between” means to me that I have to get in touch with the past from the daily life of the present, and from there create a new base of perception, a new history. Kentaro Yokouchi Kentaro Yokouchi (Japan 1979) was our…

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During the month of November 2020, given the circumstances of the pandemic and the consequent changes in the programming of our activities, we decided to generate a series of virtual encounters that would allow us to know the reality of other residency programs for artists with particularities of each context. A recognition of…

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